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Core Building Blocks

What We Teach

Employment Interview Preparation
• The Art of Interviewing; Preparation and Performance
• Crafting and Performing Your Presentation
• Handling Challenging Questions and Controlling
  a Challenging Audience
• Impromptu Speaking
• Master Introductions for Interviews, Meetings

  and Presentations
• Positioning Statement - Selling Yourself
• Effective Storytelling for Interviews, Meetings

  and Presentations

Pinnacle Performance Academy

London, UK

With Pinnacle Performance Academy you will Learn to:
  • Be clear, concise and compelling
  • Create a strong first impression
  • Overcome nerves and project a confident presence
  • Use voice and body language to create impactful communications
  • Handle challenging interview questions
  • Craft and deliver effective presentation  / +44 1525 837 628 / +44 7903 080 280

Employers now rate communication skills as their highest priority above qualifications, with 47% of employers in England reporting difficulty in finding employees with an appropriate level of oral communication skills.”
                                 (The Communication Trust)

• First Impressions
• The Pinnacle Method®
• Projecting a Confident Presence
• Vocal Dynamics
• Gestures and Movement
• Intention and Objective

Auxillary Building Blocks

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On the Job Skills
• Active Listening
• Being Assertive
• Building Social and Business Relationships
• Communicating in Business Meetings
• Difficult Conversations
• Negotiating Basics
• Leadership Communication in Business
• Developing Your Personal Brand
• Executive Presence
• Effective Telephone Communication
• Successful Virtual Communication
• Utilising Visual Aids
• Plus many more

Empowering Communication Skills for Employability